Knockout Doors

TKO Knockout Doors

Design Benefits

No Roller Wheels! TKO dock doors have spring-loaded steel plungers. Under normal operation, TKO doors have no moving parts.

No Doorway Obstructions! TKO Impact-A-Track door track mounts tight and flush to the wall for complete doorway access.

TKO Heavyweight
No Weatherseal in Doorway! Door-mounted weatherseal rises with the door…no exposed seal in the doorway to get torn off.

No Flimsy Track! Indestructible Impact-A-Track door track absorbs the heaviest impacts. Door is never out of service from track damage.
TKO Trial Door Program
TKO Dock Doors offers a trial program to prove the quality and strength of the TKO Knockout Dock Doors.

Double-Direction Knockout
Header Track
Power Operation or Manual
Chain Hoist
Vision Panel
Slide Bolt with Padlock
IceBreaker Cooler Dock
Door, (Denser Insulation,
Foamed Tubes)