Rubber & Steel Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers & Pipe Bollards

Pipe Bollards
● Offers great protection for
a variety of loading dock
and warehouse
● Available in heavy-duty 6″
or 4″ diameter pipe
● Optional cap available

Column (I-Beam)
● Heavy-duty construction
completely surrounds
I-Beams-can eliminate
major structural damage
● 42″ high, designed to fit
10″ + 12″
● Complete with concrete
and assembly hardware

Rubber & Steel Dock Bumpers
● Bumpers are extremely
important in protecting
your building wall from
● Available in molded and
laminated, Steel-Faced
and Steel-Spring models
● Numerous sizes-both
vertical and horizontal to
fit your needs
● Projections of up to 12″
for maximum protection