Sentry Safety Gate

Sentry Safety Gate

Sentry Safety Gate:
is a product, designed primarily
to prevent lift trucks and pedestrians from falling off of loading docks when there is no loading activity. The Sentry safety gate offers both high performance and low operating cost.
● Simple design with few
moving parts
● Easy, reliable manual,
automatic operation
● Superior mounting system
assures protection without
down-time after repeated

Sentry Safety Gate
● Accommodates doors
from 7′ – 10′ and from
8′ – 10′ high
● Protects dock door tracks
and headers
● Reduces door
maintenance labor
and cost

Rugged Anchor Mounting System
● Toggle-bolt anchors used
for maximum strength
● 20″ steel toggle spread
provides optimum holding
● Anchors have 2″ threaded

Effective Latch
● Heavy-duty latch secures
the gate in the down

Optional Interlock System
● Interlock system
integrates operation of
Safety gate with Star 4
and Star 5 Truck Stops,
and Auto Chock wheel
restraints for dock safety
● Raise gate by push-button
activation when restraint
senses hitched truck or is
in override mode
● Gate is lowered before
restraint releases truck